V11 (Mockup)
*New Morex Thin Mini ITX Computer Chassis, Black with Vertical Holder VESA
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Model No: V11
M/B Form Factor: Thin ITX Mini-ITX (6.7"x 6.7")
*Compatible with EMX-SKLUP Thin ITX M/B
Dimensions: (D x W x H): 200.5x 200.5x 45(mm) , 1.89L
Drive Bays: Internal 2.5*1
CD/DVD Device N/A
PSU Form Factor (Optional): 
*External Power Supply (A/C): 60W & 80W (12V)
Indicators:  Yes
Front I/O: 
Power Button
USB2.0 * 2
Material: Aluminum
Thickness: 1.5mm