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DC-ATX Board 61*36mm
DC Input Jack
5.5mm x 2.5mm x 10mm, female, panelmount.
Length of DC input cable is about 300m.
Option for wire and connector
One 24pin main power connector onPSU, ATX standard compatible.
One 4pin CPU power connector.(220mm)
One SATA hard drive powerconnectors.(220mm)

     Operating temperature: 0 OC ~ 40  OC 
     Storage temperature:-40 OC ~ 80  OC 
    Operation humidity:20% to 80% RH
    Storage humidity:10% to 95% RH

Input & Output Voltage:
    Input voltage:11.4V/DC~12.6V/DC
    Output voltage:ATX(+12V,+5V,-12V,+3.3V,+5VSB)
Over-voltage shutdown will occur at about Vin ≥ 13.8V.
     Max   120  W@100% Load
Load on +5V Rail Rail Load on +3.3V Rail Efficiency of +3.3V Rail
2A 88% 2A 86%
4A 93% 4A 93%
6A 94% 6A 94%
8A 91% 8A 91%

Physical Dimensions: 61mm x 36mm
DC Load Requirements:
Voltage Rail Typical Load Max Load Peak Load Regulation
+5V plus +5VSB 5 A 6 A 8 A ±5%
+3.3V 4 A 6 A 8 A ±5%
-12V 20 mA 50 mA 100 mA ±10%
+12V 5 A 7 A 10 A Depends on DC in
DC Output Voltage Ripple and Noise
Output Voltage Ripple Max Noise Max. Units
+5V 50 150 mV
+12V 80 200 mV
-12V 120 300 mV
+3.3V 100 200 mV
+5Vsb 50 150 mV
Note : The measurements should be made by crossing a 10uF/ tantalum and a .1uF/Ceramic capacitors at each output with measuring bandwidth from DC to 20 MHz. If ambient temperature is under 20℃ or over 30℃ , the AC input should be nominal input.